New from Erotication: KINKPACKS and PASSIONPACKS

For years both the Kink Academy and PassionateU have created hundreds of different videos for their members. Over a thousand videos covering all kinds of subjects, from the philosophical aspects of dominance and submission through how to give better oral sex for men and women, and many, many subjects in between. Of course all the videos are accessible any time from browsers, tablets, or smartphones, and there are several new videos every week. We love our sex-positive community both at PassionateU and Kink Academy, and based on our emails they love us back!


The KinkPacks and PassionPacks are for those people who might not need the whole range of subjects we have on the Erotication sites. Each Pack is focused on one subject – Sensual Spanking, for example, or Tying Chest Harnesses. We’ve created a special free membership option on both sites called the “Pack Membership.” This doesn’t give access to any of the regular videos but allows you to purchase whatever KinkPack or PassionPack you’d like.

The videos in each pack give a thorough understanding of the subject matter. Once purchased, they are available for Pack Members 24/7. Best of all, you get lifetime access – purchase once, you get those videos forever. ONLY those videos, of course, but there is always the option to upgrade to full membership whenever you’d like.

Our first three KinkPacks are:

  • Rope Connection & Flow with Graydancer
  • Being Shy with Mollena Williams
  • Tying Anastasia Pierce

…and that’s just the beginning! On Passionate U, we have even more:

  • How to Please Your Man (with Ducky Doolittle)
  • Sensual Spanking (with Scotty)
  • Rough Sex (with Danarama)
  • 50 Shades of Hot Sex (with Jacq Jones)

If you know someone who would like this kind of focused sex education, here’s what they should do:

  1. Register for free as a “Pack Member” at Kink Academy or Passionate U.
  2. Go to the KinkPacks page or the PassionPacks page and select the Pack that’s turning you on by clicking on the “Buy” button.
  3. You’ll be taken to the CCBill website, our payment processor, for secure purchasing of your Pack. Remember, you are getting lifetime access to these videos.

That’s it! We’ll be adding more Packs to both sites as time goes on, so feel free to come back and check. You can also request that series be added by contacting us at .


“Are these downloadable videos?” – No, we can’t offer downloadable video at this time. However, you do have access to your purchased videos 24/7. It’s kind of like Netflix or Amazon Streaming – but with explicit kinky sex educators instead of Mad Men.

“Why do I have to register?” - We created the free “Pack Member” level of membership so that you could log in whenever you wanted access to the packs you purchased.

“Can I upgrade from Pack Member to Subscriber so that I can access ALL of the videos?” – Yes! The option to upgrade is always available, in monthly recurring and non-recurring or three-month recurring price plans.

“I’m already a subscriber. Can I purchase a KinkPack or PassionPack?” - Um, you already have access to all the videos with your membership to the site, including the ones in KinkPacks. We would never create content for a Pack that you didn’t also get to see!

“Why aren’t all the videos available in KinkPacks?” – We’re posting one new KinkPack every other week, if there’s a series you really want to see as a KinkPack let us know! We love requests!

Got any more question? Contact our web admin, and he’ll get right back to you!