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About the Program

The Affiliate Program is designed to give monetary credit to Sex Educators who publicly stand by the KinkAcademy and Passionate U as credible resources and who help direct people to the site.

The Affiliate Program is open to all Erotication educators & demo models. By signing up for our Affiliate Program, you have the opportunity to continue earning profits on your Kink Academy and/or Passionate U videos.

The Affiliate Program is a great way to…

  • Reach a broader audience with your videos.
  • Help your fans access more information
  • Put more money in your pocket.

How It Works

When you register for the Affiliate Program, you will be provided with a unique link that you can put on your website or social media pages. Every time someone clicks that link to visit Kink Academy and/or Passionate U, they are tagged with a cookie as traffic that your Affiliate Account has sent our way. If the viewer clicks your Affiliate Link and signs up for a Membership, your Affiliate Account is credited and you make commission (cash-ola!) off of that sale.

These membership credits can really add up…

How Much $ You Make

Affiliates earn 50% of the initial Membership sign up and 50% of every recurring Membership. This means that if someone signs up for Kink Academy or Passionate U through your Affiliate link, you will immediately get half of the cost of their membership. When that Member is billed again for their next month of access, you earn half of that as well! Here are a few examples:

Example of Recurring Memberships:
Lulu visits your website and is intrigued by the Kink Academy banner. She clicks it, explores the site, and decides to join. Lulu opts for a 3 Month Membership for $29.95. She signs up by paying $49.99 (which activates her first 3 months of access) and your Affiliate Account is immediately credited with $24.99 for that sign up! Every 3 months, when Lulu gets rebilled $49.99 for her period of access, you get $29.99 again!

Example of One-Time Memberships
Sparky visits your website, and clicks over to Kink Academy through your Affiliate Link. He’s so excited about Kink Academy that he signs up for a 1 Year Membership for $149.00. Your Affiliate Account gets credited with $74.50 for his sign up. Since the 1 Year Memberships are not recurring, there are no further payments. But hey, $50.00 isn’t exactly chump change, now is it?

As you can see, the Affiliate Program offers a great opportunity to continue making earnings off of your video presentations (and every one elses videos on the site ;). You’re also helping your fans discover a wider range sexuality information, which—for most educators—is a reward in itself.

When You Get Paid:

We love cutting checks for our Faculty! You folks are smart cookies and you deserve to get paid for your knowledge.

In order to receive a check, your Affiliate Account must have accrued at least $50 worth of earnings. Checks are cut every two weeks (whoohoo!).

Ready to Sign Up?

Click over to the sign up page to get started. If this process sounds complicated, don’t worry too much; Our Team is here to help set you up and get you rolling. Just email our awesome website administrator (his name is Gray) and he’ll help you out.

You can also find out more information and keep up-to-date with the Affiliate Blog