Affiliate Program — Signing up & Getting Started Guide

Here’s the short version: you sign up with CCBill as a Kink Academy or PassionateU affiliate, then put links on your page to our site. If people sign up through the link, you get half of the money.

Sound good? Then skip the details and create your CCBill affiliate account!

Already did that? Then skip to creating affiliate links!

Here’s Why YOU Should Be a Kink Academy Affiliate

From the beginning, the Kink Academy prided itself on paying sex educators for their content. The Affiliate Program was originally designed to show our appreciation for the Erotication sex educators and demo models by providing extra income when people sign up for our site at their recommendation.

The Affiliate Program is now open to everyone. This means YOU can use it to…
Feature curated content on your blog
Give your audience access to professionally vetted educators
Support the educators and models in your kinky and sex-positive community.
Put more money in your bank account

How It Works
The process is simple:
You get an affiliate number from CCBill.
You use our Affiliate Link Guide to create links to our site – even to specific content, such as our free video clips or blog posts.
You put those links on your site, in whatever way you like.

Every time someone signs up for Kink Academy or PassionateU through your affiliate link, you get half the money.

MORE: If it’s a recurring membership (billed every month) you get half of that, too!
Wait, when you say ‘half the money’…

Yes, we mean 50% of both the initial Membership sign up and 50% of every recurring Membership.

Let’s say that again: Every time someone signs up for Kink Academy or Passionate U through your Affiliate link, you will get half of the cost of their membership. When that Member is billed again for their next month of access, you earn half of that as well!
One-Month (non-recurring) memberships are $24.99. You’d get $12.48 for every signup.
Recurring monthly memberships are $19.99 – which means every person you get to sign up earns you $10 every month

If they sign up for our 3-month anniversary special for $49.99, you get a smooth $25 in your affiliate account.

“Kinkpacks” are one-time purchases of groups of videos. They vary in price from around $6.99-$14.99 but regardless, you get half.

This give you the flexibility to really personally recommend content. Are you a fan of Murphy Blue? You can recommend his Kinkpacks. Did you just write a post for national Masturbation Month? Spice it up with some links to Rain DeGrey’s series on female masturbation. And every time someone purchases a membership through your link, cha-ching. You get cash.

For most educators and many sex-positive kinksters, helping people discover a wider range sexuality information is a reward in itself. However, we think money in your pocket is a pretty nice reward, too.

How You Get Paid:
CCBill, our credit card processor, manages all the affiliate payments. That means you can tell them who to make the check out to, where to send it, etc. That gives you more privacy as well as the support of a major organization, leaving the Kink Academy staff free to focus on making the sex education on the site better.

Your Affiliate Account must have at least $50 worth of earnings in it to get a check, but they are sent out every two weeks. This can really add up!

Click this link to create your CCBill affiliate account!
Got some ideas for links already? Check out the “How to Affiliate Link page“.

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