Erotication & International Ms Leather

As part of the kink/BDSM/Leather communities, Kink Academy was proud to be invited to do video coverage of International Ms Leather (that’s IMsL for short!) 25th Anniversary celebrations & title competition. The project totaled over 23 hours of footage shot over 3 days including the stage shows, interviews with past IMsL winners, the title competition and panels featuring past title holders.

We created a documentary to show the highlights of the event, titled “Sisterhood of the Sash: IMsL at 25” which premiered at Cinekink in New York City and then was shown to great review at the 2012 IMsL event.

We’ve created a special page to indefinitely host the marjority of the content shot that weekend. You can find it here (just click through the waiver!).

  • Due to music copyright issues we couldn’t post the stage shows or title competition.
  • The documentary will be posted at some point in the future

Goodbye 2011, Hello 2012!

The last 365 days have been filled with events, videos shoots, community service and a ton of kinky fun!

We attended the following events and taught classes, had a vending booth, did video coverage plus worked with educators from all over the country.

Arisia, Fetish Flea, Dark Odyssey Winter Fire, Momentum Con, Leather Leadership Conference, International Ms Leather, DomCon, Dark Odyssey Fusion, The Floating World, CARAS, Dark Odyssey Summer Camp, Woodhull Sexual Freedom Alliance – Sexual Freedom Day, Kink in the Caribbean

Though we weren’t able to attend these events, we offered sponsorships to help support the community.

Queer Play Con, Transcending Boundaries, Playground Conference

Other Highlights:

Kink Academy celebrated its 2 year anniversary, surpassed 100 educators and 650 clips (with more of both being added all the time!)

With Kink Academy going strong & presenting a huge variety of kinks to explore we launched Passionate U to cover more traditional sexuality.

We hosted 4 free community events, including an ‘Awareness Conference focused on laws regarding sexuality and 3 Open Houses which feature kinky games & give-aways, educational presentations & plenty of social time to meet & hang out with other kinksters.

Coordinating and presenting the educational classes at Kink in the Caribbean, a week long fetish event at the Hedonism II resort in Jamaica. Beach side kink is not a bad way to pass the time!

We are proud to have been invited to do video coverage of some major events and to be able to provide the footage for free to the public. Just click through the waiver to see all the free video clips.

  • At the IMsL 25th anniversary an important piece of leather history was documented.
  • Woodhull Freedom Alliance held an important activist, their 2nd annual Sexual Freedom Day
  • Academic research is key to helping society understand ‘alternative’ sexuality. We taped a few of the presentations at the CARAS 2011 Conference which will be available online soon.

Woodhull Sexual Freedom Alliance – Sexual Freedom Day 2011

On September 23rd, 2011 we were proud to offer video sponsorship to the Woodhull Sexual Freedom Alliance by taping the duration of the Sexual Freedom Day event “Sexual Outlaws: The Prohibition of Pleasure” as well as the evenings award ceremony. This annual celebration brings awareness to the fight for sexual freedoms and honors individuals who pro-actively stand up for those freedoms.

Click here to watch the free clips on Closed for New Submissions Until 2012

As and gain momentum and exposure, we’ve found ourselves wanting to dedicate our full attention to providing outstanding sex-ed videos. This said, we’re reorganizing our collective efforts and focusing even more intently on our videos, educators, and members, and pushing pause on one project in particular:


Fearless Press has become a fantastic collection of essays and articles on sexuality, and we fully intend on adding to it in the future. For now, however, will exist as a static library of literature, free for all to explore and peruse. Please enjoy this free resource and it’s backlog of writing. We’ll be posting announcements when we’re accepting new submissions for this site.
— The Erotication Team