Working With Professionals

I’ve been having a lot of frustrations this last year finding reliable people to work with, and I admit, it’s made me pretty cranky. It’s hard enough to start & run a business, but to do it entirely alone is pretty much impossible. So finding dependable, high quality professionals is an important key to success.

Ranting on Twitter has not assuaged any of my frustrations, although I’ve really given it a go some days! But what does help is focusing on the people I currently work with that have an incredible work ethic, are a pleasure to interact with and have the consistency and follow through of true professionals.

Since I’m as vocal about positive experiences as I am about negative ones (usually more so but it’s been a difficult year), here is a public thank you to those that have been consistent and deserve recognition for their professionalism. Plus they’re just awesome people J

Graydancer – He started as the video editor, prepping to launch and has become an integral part of the on-going existence of Erotication as a whole. Video editor and SysAdmin are his official titles but he goes above and beyond to make sure things run as smoothly as possible on all the Erotication sites. Even with his extensive travel schedule he manages to be a total rock star to work with, getting things done…often times on short notice. Basically he completely kicks ass.

Laura ( I met Laura at an event a couple of year ago and was immediately struck with how down to earth she is. When I recently needed a redesign (of a redesign gone bad) she took care of it and smoothed out both the visual and the back-end. Then I decided to launch a new site and immediately asked her to build it, which she did beautifully. When I’m done with this batch of work (2 redesigns and 2 built from the ground up) we will have worked on 4 sites together so I can and do recommend her with enthusiasm.

So thank you Gray & Laura for being such awesome professionals to work with. Don’t ever think your hard work doesn’t go unnoticed or unappreciated.


The Fork in the Road for Kink Academy & Passionate U

Originally started as a stripped down version of site for people that were intimated by the more, shall we say, exotic kinky interests.

For the first year after I launch a site I focus mostly on building up the clips and offering a diverse number of topics and educators. Now that it’s started to really hit its groove, the site has transformed to be, rather than a clone of Kink Academy, its own entity, focusing entirely on sex and relationships with new content that isn’t available on Kink Academy.

There are still a lot of clips that are on both sites, but you might have noticed that there haven’t been many cross-over clips between & the last few months and this is why!

In order to get the content from both sites, you’ll need to sign up for each separately. However…. there is a site in the works that will have ALL content from both sites but it’s not ready to launch yet. So in the mean time check out both and for diverse coverage of all things sex, gender, relationships and intimacy!