Survey Says!

We recently did a survey to see what the members of Kink Academy were thinking and here are some of their fantastic answers!

What inspired you to join?

I had a lot of respect for the educators that are involved. It seemed like a good way to learn outside of going to events.

It’s hard to get to classes in person and the idea of being able to watch the topics I need at the time I need from presenters I often know and trust is very helpful.

To better my skills in the knowledge of BDSM, D/s, and alternative lifestyles

I was referred to the site by a friend and watched the free videos and loved them and joined.

I am a novice submissive with a passion to learn everything I can because I can’t go more than an hour without thinking of something my mistress might do to me…

I am a sex-blogger and educator, and value continued education on my part. Seeing others takes and opinions on the subjects interesting to me, and seeing information subjects I have little exposure to is great.

I was referred to the site and looked at some of the free videos and was very impressed and thought that this would be a valuable educational tool for myself as I am new to the BDSM and Kink world.

Education, amazing price, selection

Intrigued by the video presentations of the presenters’ knowledge. What a good way to hand on their wisdom

How often do you watch Kink Academy videos & when do you usually watch them?

A few times a week.

I go in, um, spurts. I watch a whole bunch of videos when I’ve got a new play partner or am trying to learn something new, and then I’m not active on the site for a while

I try to watch at least twice a week, however just been super busy and had a chance too watch.

I watch them every day and mostly at night

I have been watching them literally every minute since I became a member, I’m hooked!

A few times a month- I tend to binge on videos in chunks rather than viewing daily, unless I’m prepping for a particular class or researching for a post

So far-practically every morning. Usually between 9am and 11am as my mornings are mostly free do do what I want with them.

1-2 a week, and I watch them during the day when curious about a new technique.

Fearless Press Returns!

Today is live & in action once again! July 4th starts the festivities but we’ll be celebrating all month long, here’s what we have in store…

Win Prizes!

Get involved! Comment on an article in July & be entered to win one of the main prizes (each comment counts as an entry but it must be specific to the article). Prizes provided by some of our awesome sponsors: Aslan Leather, Crystal Delights Toys and NJOY

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Fabulous Authors!

We are proud to welcome our new monthly contributors:

Mistress Simone

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And some returning authors:

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New Look!

Rather than the “techy” appearance we ‘ve had on the site, the new look is sexy, streamlined and fits the Erotication experience. Playful, intelligent and sexy…that’s our motto! Returns on the 4th of July

Link is coming back, hotter than ever!

There have been whispers, and the rumors have been getting louder and now it is finally time to announce…..(drumroll please…)… will go live with new original content starting July 4th and we’ll be celebrating the whole first week!

Some favorite authors are returning with a few new authors being added to the monthly contributor list. We’ll still be tackling the intersection of sex and the other aspects of life, there’s so much to say on the topic why wander off? Since the beginning, Fearless Press has aimed to offer a platform for diverse voices and the re-launch will continue that tradition!

Along with our monthly columnists we will now be accepting guest posts on an ongoing basis. So if you’re a writer and are interested in being featured monthly, check out the Submission Guidelines that are on the current site and send in your column pitch. If you’d like to offer guest posts on an occasional basis, keep an eye out because the new design will have all of that information. We do offer a small stipend for each article.

Speaking of which, the re-launch includes a re-design! The site will have a fresh new look that is sexier and more playful, yet still SFW. All of the previous articles will continue to be available, and until we unveil the new look you can catch up on your reading here!