Awareness Conference

It is the return of “Awareness Conference” which focuses on the laws regarding sexuality.

This event will take place on Saturday, March 5.

The day will include short lectures from respected educators, small group discussions, and plenty of time for questions. Plus a pizza lunch!

Confirmed Educators
Sir Guy
Valerie White
Raven Lightholme

Topics to be Covered

  • How to interact with law enforcement (during travel, at home, kink events)
  • Protecting yourself online
  • Privacy Issues
  • How to avoid custody battles
  • and more!

A folder full of relevant information will be given to each attendee.


Space is Limited, only 80 seats available. Registration is required, must be on the RSVP list in order to get in.

To register, please send your name (Scene name is fine) and email address to

Each individual person must register for themselves, no group registration.

Please do NOT register if you are not going to actually show up. If you register and receive confirmation and can not come, please send a cancellation email.

Doors will lock at 10:15am and late-comers will not be allowed in to avoid disruption of the event.

Site Redesign … Downtime…

I’m subjecting to a long overdue site redesign at the end of this week. (Don’t worry, it’s consensual.) The new site will be better organized, less cluttered, easier for you to get to the stuff you came here to see and will be… well… prettier. 🙂

Not only will this be a serious front-end overhaul, it will include upgrading some of the less pretty back-end stuff** so I am going to need to take the site down for a day. I will be starting the upgrade late Friday (12/17) evening and it will continue into Saturday (12/18). There is a lot to get done, but I will do my best to minimize this down time.

When the site comes back up on Saturday evening you will have a sexy new Kink Academy just in time for your weekend fun! 😉

If you have questions, concerns (or want a sneak peak) email me.

As always, thank you so much for your patience.
-Nyxx, WebMistress

**Actually, brand spanking new streaming media servers are drop dead gorgeous, if you ask me…. but I’m a technophile.

One Year Anniversary

Welcome to our one-year anniversary extravaganza! Last September we launched the hottest sex-ed resource on the web, and for the last 12 months, word has been spreading fast. Now we’ve made some major improvements to the navigation so you can find all of our kinky content faster and easier. Whether you’re a total novice or have been in the BDSM Scene for years, there is something new to learn. We also have LOTS of contests and super hot prizes that include one of the most coveted sex toys available, the NJOY Eleven! You can also win an NJOY Purewand, goodies from Leather by Danny, and so much more!

Our current members have a special chance to win, just by doing what you’re already doing: watching clips and learning sexy new skills! When you watch a video, simply make a comment in the section below about something you have learned. Once a week, a comment will be chosen at random … and its author will win something from one of our featured vendors.

We’ve also expanded our web presence with a new magazine-style site called that is as “Safe For Work” as we get 🙂 It’s text based with a slew of monthly contributors writing about the intersection of sex & life, including spirituality, relationships, style, community and art. Additionally, we’ve jumped on the YouTube train and now have our own channel featuring some fun promo videos.