Changes in the Leadership Program

In January I announced leadership training called “Emerging Community Leaders Program” that Lucky Albatross had come to me with, wanting to put it under the Kink Academy umbrella. We both felt that the reputation that Kink Academy (and the other Erotication sites) would bring it would add more weight to the significance and acceptance of the program as a quality endeavor. She designed the program and was completely responsible for creating the on-going experience for those enrolled.

When Lucky Albatross asked me to endorse, consult and sponsor the program, I was very clear that I did NOT want to run the program, but that if it was going to be at all associated with Erotication that I would need to have input regarding keeping it in line with my mission of providing quality, consistent and useful information regarding sexuality/gender and those communities. It was clear rather quickly that my input is unwelcome.

The last 2 and a half months the program has had a number of issues include communication breakdown and inconsistency, which has frustrated those enrolled, and rightfully so.

Unfortunately, due to the program being run poorly and our difference of opinion, I am now in the position of closing it down completely (at least Erotication (aka me) being involved) or continuing it under my own supervision. Out of the people enrolled, half have decided to stay with me in the program and half have decided to discontinue their involvement.

I respect Lucky Albatross tremendously for what she does within the community and what she was trying to achieve by putting the ECLP together. I also think she’s a great person in general and has an enormously big heart with the best of intentions. I am saddened that this collaboration hasn’t worked out, but when I am asked to put my professional reputation on the line, I do take that very seriously.

So I will be continuing a newly designed program with a different structure (announcement to be made soon) that is based on skill building, personal exercises and watch-at-your-convenience videos as well as other aspects still being developed.

It is important to all the sex/kink/bdsm/gender/polyamory communities that we develop competent strong leaders. I’d like to contribute to that through the new program I’ll personally be offering.