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For a quick overview of the Affiliate Program, click here.

Here some examples of Kink Academy and PassionateU website banners. Right-click to save them for use on your site!

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1. Signing Up With CCBill

Becoming an affiliate with CCBill is as simple as registering at any other website. If you haven’t done so yet, just click here and complete the form.

After you’re done, there’s one big piece of information you’ll need: your Affiliate ID, which is a six-digit number. That’s the magic key to turn Kink Academy links on your site into money in your account.

Note:If you are already a CCBill affiliate with another site, you do not need to sign up with a new number! Not sure what your affiliate number is? You can click here to login to the CCBill Affiliate Admin page and find that out.

The Affiliate Link HTML

The HTML code for the affiliate link has four parts:

  • : tells CCBill this is an affiliate link
  • ?CA=942299-0000 : tells CCBill which site is affiliated (Kink Academy, right?)
  • &PA=XXXXXX : instead of the XXXXXX, this is where your Affiliate ID number goes.
  • &HTML= : The site the link leads to – this could be the whole site, like here, or a link to specific videos, blogs, or whatever content we have that you think is worth linking to.

Stick those four parts together, you’ve got an Affiliate link! Let’s say your ID number is 1234567, your link would look like this:

If you don’t put in your Affiliate ID, the good news is that the link will still work to get to the Kink Academy site. The bad news is, you won’t get any credit for it. It’s worth double-checking that you have your Affiliate ID in there!

Here is how you would create a link to our sister site, PassionateU, which is lighter on the kink and heavier on the sex:

Remember, everywhere it says “XXXXXX” you would put in your Affiliate ID instead. Once you’ve created this kind of link, there are a lot of places – Fetlife, Twitter, Google + – that you can just cut and paste it and it will work like a link. It’s not pretty, but it will work.

Make Your Affiliate Links Pretty

If you put that link into what’s called an “anchor tag” you can make the links much more reader-friendly. Think of anchor tags like boxes: you make sure it’s labeled with your affiliate link and then put something interesting inside so that your viewers will want to open it.

The tag that creates this “box” looks like this:

  1. <a href = “”> goes at the beginning (you got that you don’t actually type those X’s, right? Your affiliate id goes there. But you knew that).
  2. Then you add something exciting inside, like “Click here for great kink education!” or an image (an image has it’s own tag: <IMG SRC=“PATH-TO-YOUR-IMAGE”>.
  3. Finally the box is closed with a simple </A> tag – but you have to include that, or the link won’t work!

Here are some examples of how to create links to different kinds of content:

  • Text Link<a href = “”> The Best Adult Kink Education on the Web!</a>
  • Image Link<a href = “”> <IMG SRC=“PATH-TO-YOUR-IMAGE”></a>
  • Link to a specific page on Kink Academy (changes in bold) <a href = “”>Check out this video on nipple play!</a>
  • Fetlife Link [][Learn how to do the stuff you see on FetLife!] (you can also just put in your affiliate link in a post on Fetlife, it will turn into a link)
  • Twitter or Facebook Like Fetlife, just pasting your Affiliate link like this – “” – will work, but be careful! Some social networks automatically post images associated with links, and our images have a lot of naked people in them, which can get your account flagged or even suspended.

If you’re wondering where to find banners and images, it’s pretty easy: We’d appreciate it if you’d right-click on the image, save it to your computer, and then upload it to whatever service you’re using for the links. If you just link to our images it costs us more in bandwidth, and that’s just rude.

Pretty much, anywhere you can put a link (images, words, banners, sentences), you can insert your Affiliate Link – as part of your signature, on publicity materials, even in scheduled social media posts. There are a few best practices we recommend

  1. Placement: Make sure your links and banners are in a prominent place. If your Affiliate Link is on an old blog page or hidden in a long list of other links it’s doubtful people will click on it.
  2. Talk to Your Audience:Engage with people, so that they understand your recommendation of Kink Academy is genuine, that you think Kink Academy and Passionate U are awesome sexuality resources that they should check out.

Here are some ideas for things you can mention:

Sex Ed Videos: Kink Academy has over 1200 videos on Kink, BDSM, Polyamory and more. Passionate U has over 800 videos about Sex and Relationships

On Demand: Watch how-to demonstrations whenever you want!

Growing Library: Both sites add 5 new videos a week on tons of sexy topics.

Educators: Kink Academy has traveled the continent to find outstanding Sexuality Educators!

Need Help?

If you’re confused about signing up for an Affiliate Account or installing the correct code into your webpage, contact our admin at and we’ll point you in the right direction.