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UPDATE: As of January 2017, we are currently on a hiatus from shooting new content. If you’re interested in working with us, please read the information below & fill out this form. We’ll get in touch with you when we’re ready to start scheduling again!

If you’re an educator who’s work focuses heavily on the field of intimacy, or relates to sexuality issues, Erotication would like to invite you to apply for the opportunity to film for one (or both!) of the Erotication sites.

Presenting your work on and/or can be a great opportunity, especially for educators who would like to reach a broader, more diverse audience with their work. Below, we’ll outline some of the perks and considerations of being Erotication Faculty:

You can see some free video interviews with a few of our educators about what their experience was like here.

Financial Compensation

Erotication recognizes Sexuality Educators as knowledgeable professionals and treats them as such.  We offer our educators a competitive rate for every hour of content we shoot with them. We also offer an Affiliate Program that pays 50% on all sign ups that come through your link, so considerable continued earnings on your videos (and both sites in general) are possible.

Sign up for the Erotication Affiliate Program here.

Reach a Broader Audience

Even if you’re actively promoting your projects, there’s always room for more exposure to a receptive audience, especially online. Erotication websites have become a hub for sexual persuasions, and it’s a great place to show your work to communities you might not usually come in contact with.

Build Your Resume

Erotication is becoming a resource for events and class coordinators who want to find new, exciting educators for their programs. Many educators on Kink Academy and Passionate U have been invited to teach at new venues due to their appearance on these website. If an event coordinator is interested in checking out a presenters style, they can request a free 2 week password.

Resources for Faculty

Erotication is a major supporter of it’s Faculty members, and it’s constantly trying to finds new ways to make our relationships more productive and mutually beneficial. Check out our Resources for Faculty page for more information.

Sexual Education, Not Pornography

The videos presented on Erotication websites are designed to educate consenting adults on a variety of erotic techniques. The depictions in our videos are real, demonstrated by people who actually practice and enjoy these activities. While these demonstrations can be titillating, their core purpose it to enable consenting adults to incorporate various forms of intimacy into their own lives.

Revolutionary Sex-Ed

As far as we can tell, there is nothing else quite like or, sites dedicated to the on-going sexual education of adults. The huge variety of educators and topics attracts a lot of attention. By being involved with Erotication you’re bringing your work to the forefront of sexual education opportunities.

Two Opportunities in One

If your content is appropriate for both audiences, it can be posted on both Kink Academy and Passionate U. is geared towards people who aren’t necessarily interested in kink, but who want to learn more about sex and intimacy. Kink Academy offers a huge range of sexuality and BDSM based techniques and concepts.


Please consider being on video carefully. If you are engaged in any legal affairs (including custody battles or career concerns) please make sure that you have considered everything necessary before agreeing to do a video shoot. Once we shoot we are unable to “pull” videos from the website.

Though the site is mostly membership based, thumbnails can be seen by everyone visiting the site. So if you have ANY concerns about staying completely anonymous then please consider being on video very carefully.

Educator Application

Does all of this sound good to you? Well, great! Fill out our Education Application and tell us all about yourself.

We’re currently on a break from shooting new content, but send in your information anyway so we’ll have it when we get started again!