Encouragement and kind words

We receive some pretty awesome encouragement from our members and those who first discover our sites. Word-of-mouth promotion is REALLY appreciated for our growing resource because memberships are a key component to keeping them going. Thanks ‘WryGuy’ for your enthusiasm and letting us share your words here!

“You’re a brilliant and necessary resource.

I do try to plug you in any conversation I can. Unfortunately, the price stops a lot of people in their tracks. It shouldn’t, because your prices are very good for what you get… but a lot of people don’t recognize the value. ($8-$15 a month? That’s nothing. You can’t get a good toy or go to a single conference for a year’s worth of KA.)

I think you’re doing the right thing already: have good educational content for pay, give freebies to draw people in whenever you can. I really hope your subscriber base keeps growing. 🙂

So, keep doing what you’re doing! You’re helping the whole industry. :-)”

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  1. Another fantastic piece of feedback from “SeekingAdventure” on FetLife (https://fetlife.com/users/646658)

    “I don’t have any relationship to Kink Academy (aside from knowing a few of the instructors – a fact I learned AFTER I signed up) so take this for what it’s worth.

    While my value comparison may be skewed since I got the rocking year long discount a few months ago I have to say, despite having been in the scene for more years than I should admit I learn something new almost every single time I check out the site. It’s the perfect companion to long business trips and would rock for people who are in more rural locations because while it certainly can’t beat in-person training what it can do is allow you to go over difficult techniques (think certain knots or ties) over and over and over again. It can also remind you of the basics, expose you to things you might not want to actually witness in person (everyone has their limits) and give you new and interesting ideas for new scenes, techniques, etc. It’d be heaven for beginners but it’s still worthwhile for people with tons of experience in my opinion.

    I was VERY skeptical at first of the site’s value, despite having met and being impressed by Princess Kali and other’s instruction in person… but after several months of occasional usage now I actually find that it’s proven to be quite the deal. The breadth of the site is impressive and I particularly like the variety of instructors. Navigation could be a tad easier and I’d like to see some areas built out a bit more (more videos ‘from the sub/bottom/whatever’s perspective would be especially useful for newbies I think) but honestly, y’all do a damned good job and you’re providing a quality service to the community.

    I doubt you’re making money hand over fist on this, but even if you are, it’s well worth it. So my personal thanks go out to all the instructors and staff who make the site possible.”

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