“I am in serious crush with Kink Academy…”

I recently received this awesome feedback from a member….this is the kind of thing that keeps me working hard every day!


Just registered as a member a few days ago and am in serious crush with K.A. already, looking forward to spending many hours learning (yay)!!  Only problem: deciding what to watch first.  Thank you so so much for creating this learning platform, the answer to my kink-ed dreams.

Part of what’s so exciting to me is the opportunity to learn about things I’ve never considered my specific kinks, and to see how the energy, power dynamics, mindset, and emotional components are often surprisingly transferrable/applicable to pre-existing areas of interest and give me lots of new ideas for how to come at a given type of play from a fresh angle.  Also completely rocks to learn about whole practices I never even knew existed as well as to have so much of what I have experienced and struggled to articulate/structure/hone to create the most tailored/meaningful experience possible with a partner validated, described, and contextualized such that I can more accurately name certain parts of my experience, take pride in them, get excited about deepening them/tweaking them in diverse ways, etc..

A few days later…

I continue to be floored at the wealth of resources K.A. makes available to members!!

Not only do we have the opportunity to take advantage of watching and re-watching the videos on-site as many times as we want, but so many instructors have written more books than I can possibly keep track of/travel and teach /have authored instructional vids/teach other specialized online courses (single courses/course packages), so just by watching a video and following the links on virtually an instructor’s homepage, you can quickly find yourself uncovering all sorts of gold.  E.g. was recently watching a killer Cecilia Tan vid., was already a fan of her writing, but had no idea the first annual Bisexual Book Awards, for which she was a nominee, just placed a little over a week ago.  Had I not seen the post on her blog, I never would’ve known, but now I’ve learned about several other exciting authors I’d not previously heard of as well.

I am also constantly surprised at how down-to-earth the faculty is: here are all the most accomplished folks in their fields going over technical/interpersonal/emotional/spiritual/psychological material in such a way that I never feel intimidated or like the lesson’s impenetrable, even if I go into it knowing less-than-zero or with a set of expectations that are quickly proven faulty (to again use the Cecilia Tan example, she was talking about possible misunderstandings about what a “bath scene” might mean.  I immediately had my own pretty immovable interpretation: a spa-style scene with the sub prepping a bath for the top/dom.  I was already well into going over details of that version in my head: essential oils, possible fresh flower petals, candles, music, warm towels, lux robe, post-bath erotic massage, and then I hear Cecilia saying that it could just as likely be a scene with the sub being given a bath, and I was like: see; this is why this K.A. rocks.  Watch and learn; watch and learn.  I could study this stuff for my whole life, but can’t imagine there ever being a time when I wouldn’t still consider myself a beginner, and I feel like K.A.’s a place where I’m totally welcome to be just that: a lifelong student, learning a little more each day, at my own pace.

Many thanks,