Insanity Tour

When I started putting the last two weeks travel together, it started innocently enough. First, I was invited to The Floating World and decided to head into NYC for a few extra days before hand for some video shoots. Then we were invited to do video coverage at the CARAS Alternative Sexuality Conference in Washington DC, so decided to head there a few days early (coming from New Jersey) to do some video shoots. And then, to round it all out, we thought we’d throw in 5 days in San Francisco to shoot with a whole new batch of educators since we had such a great time during the last trip.

So by the time it was all on the calendar it had become the Insanity Tour, and by the time it was all done it had lived up to its name. Four cities (New York City/ Edison, New Jersey/ Washington DC/ San Francisco), two events (The Floating World & CARAS) and 22 shoots scheduled. Planes, trains and automobiles were reserved, along with hotel rooms in each city. Confirmation emails were sent, and when it was time to head out, Savannah and I took a deep breath and braced for 15 solid days of Insanity.

We taped an incredible amount of content throughout this tour, working with 15 new educators and 10 returning favorites. There were a few cancellations, but we more than made up for that with all the other educators that were able to make it! We’re psyched about the topics we were able to shoot as well, including the most explicit sex we’ve ever had on the site.

All in all it was a beautifully exhausting yet an entirely inspiring and productive trip!

~ Kali