It’s almost Small Business Saturday! What an excellent opportunity to share something with you all!

“Why do and and have a membership fee?   Why does it cost money to sign up?”

These are questions I have been asked a number of times over the last five years. People save up for weekend conferences, order new kink and sexuality books, and plop down cash for new toys…but because the Kink AcademyNew To Kink, PassionateU & New To Kink resources are based on the internet there is often an assumption that they should be free. But here is the answer…

You get a metric fuck-ton of value for pennies a day.

  • ·         On the two sites – KA and PU – combined, we have nearly 200 educators and over 2000 unique, 5- to 15-minute video clips on about 100 topics.  The sites are constantly growing with five new curated video clips released each week…on each site!  That means new topics, new educators, new nuggets and entire motherlodes of information continuously being added.  And where else can you get all that?  (Um, the answer is:  Nowhere.)
  • ·          From squeaky-new beginners to jaded pros, I have something for you on the sites.  There are 101-level video clips on topics like safety and consent, spanking and fetish wear, and oral sex and flirting.  And then I have more advanced video clips on hands-on skills like Shibari and suspension bondage, fire play and Florentine flogging, and so much more.  With your feedback and requests, I’m always adding more topics to satisfy your personal kink and sexuality needs.
  • I recently launched to specifically work for those that are completely new to the BDSM world and don’t want to overwhelmed by all the choices on Kink Academy. It’s a curated site with clips from both Kink Academy that are chosen to help to learn the basics of dominance/submission, bondage and sensation play.
  • ·          The sites can be utilized as skill-building resources:  Watch a video clip series! Learn it all!  Try it out!  Or use the sites as sexuality and kink samplers to whet your appetite and get a peek at new things to see if you like them.  The convenience of the sites – available when you need them, around your own schedule – means you can watch a clip while you are getting dressed for work in the morning or spend a sultry evening with a partner watching video clips and practicing with each other.  You get to use the sites in the way that works best for you.

Education is important. These are some wild and crazy things we do as kinksters and sexual adventurers so it’s REALLY important that skills and knowledge are acquired along with that big toybag of smack-y and buzz-y things.  Education from presenters and teachers who have spent years fine-tuning their craft, who have invested their time to research and learn the intricacies of hot and sexy topics, who want to share their passion with you – this education will help make your play and sex more informed, safer, and hotter.

Education is valuable.  Let’s do some quick and dirty math.  Individual classes at your local dungeon or sex toy shop can run from $10 to $25 for 2 hours with 1 educator on 1 topic.  A kink or sexuality book can cost you around $14.95 or more.  And weekend conferences can run you $100+ just for attending, and then you need to fork out for hotel rooms food, travel, etc.  And these classes and books and events are great and have their own value, but learning can — and should — be an ongoing process, something that you can tap into at your own convenience, and something that you can tailor to your personal needs. Being a member of sites like Kink Academy, Passionate U or New To Kink allows you to constantly improve and spice up your kink and sexuality repertoire. What is hotter than knowing exactly what you are doing in the dungeon or the bedroom?

We pay all of our educators for their time & knowledge and give them an opportunity to continue to earn money by being involved in the site. This is sadly not usually the case with sex/kink ed, but it’s an important part of the Erotication philosophy.

Education should be accessible.  The low price point of KA, PU & FSR means more people have access to a massive array of educators and video clips.  Not everyone has the disposable income to attend a weekend conference; not everyone can afford to hire a sitter, gas up their car, and trek to a class; not everyone is able to fill their bookcase with the latest sexy how-to books.  And not every kinkster or sexual adventurer has the freedom to be “out” about their interests and needs, to attend in-person events, to walk into their neighborhood bookstore or sex toy store to buy something that might be seen as scandalous.  Kinksters and sexual adventurers of all experience levels, abilities, and comfort levels deserve a chance to learn and explore on their own terms.

There is nothing like Kink Academy, PassionateU or New To Kink out there.  There is nothing that features this many respected educators, so many perspectives, and such a diverse array of topics and skill-levels. These sites are truly revolutionary additions to sex education for adults.

Kink Academy, PassionateU and New To Kink need members to continue their ground-breaking and progressive approach to sex education for adults.   These sites need people who want to improve their skills and broaden their sexual horizons to SIGN UP and enjoy the sexy learning opportunities of having nationally known educators available at the click of a button.

Please support adult sexuality businesses. Please support toy-makers and book writers and event planners. And please support the Erotication websites KinkAcademy, Passionate U and

Erotication sites compensate all of their educators because I value what these educators offer the community.  Please value what KA, PU & NTK are offering by joining now.