Kink Academy – Suggested Links – November

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Recent Free Clips

The Cock Helicopter by Leather Yenta

Leather Yenta demonstrates the cock helicopter during this three-minute video. She notes the type and length of cord to use and then shows how to safely prepare the wrap for the surprising and fun finale!


Bruising Concerns by Stefanos & Shay

Shay (with some enthusiastic manhandling help from Stefanos) explains what goes on with your body when your happy spanking, roughhousing, or just enthusiastic sex leads to contusions that mark the skin. She also shares the magic of RICE for curing what ails you, and encourages you to be careful but not stop the fun!


Male Dominance & Female Submission: Responsibility By Scotty

Scotty and Annie talk about the importance of remembering the “fantasy” part of dominant/submissive role play. While it’s fun to indulge in the idea of not having any say in what happens to you, the reality is that you are responsible for yourself on a very basic level. They explain how to engage that responsibility while still keeping the play hot and sexy for both of you.


Speed Wrist Cuffs by Lee Harrington

In this brief 3-minute video Lee Harrington provides a masterful and amazingly quick, step-by-step demonstration of rope wrist bondage. Lee actually makes the cuffs twice – including once from your point of view! If you think rope bondage takes too long, then this video is definitely for you!

Featured Educator – Graydancer

Water Bondage: The Bondage Bikini, Part 2 – Free

Graydancer and K demonstrate the second part of the “Bondage Bikini” with a waist/crotch harness that is “hot and sexy.” Gray talks about how the body can guide your rope creations and keep you from falling into a rut when creating fun ties. In the end K is left in a functional rope harness that flatters her body beautifully.


Decorative Breast Harness: Introduction

GrayDancer and Anastasia Pierce prepare to demonstrate a decorative chest harness during this four-minute video. Gray asks Anastasia several key questions to ensure a thorough negotiation — and Gray describes ways the harness can be worn — as they set the stage for a sexy creation of the harness.


Cigar Play: “Cigmata” & the Spectacle

Graydancer and Cherries Jubalie finish out the cigar play series with a couple of more “edgy” techniques. One is a way to mark both top and bottom with a shared ash burn. The other, learned from “Edge”, a gay leather educator from the East Coast, is called “the Cigar Spectacle” and can be one of the most intense experiences of power and fire that can happen in a cigar scene.


Full Contact Dom: Pressure Points

GrayDancer uses the ever expressive Ten to demonstrate pressure points in this 8-minute, part-one video. He locates several points on the head, face, shoulders, and ribs while demonstrating the various (subtle and not-so subtle) ways to make your point well known! Apply pressure with your thumbs, elbows, chins, knuckles; grip and grab too. The options seem endless and the enjoyment limitless!


Foot Fetish: Sex with Feet by Chloe Camilla & Juliette March

Chloe Camilla and Juliette March discuss and demonstrate sex with your feet during this seven-minute video. They show multiple forms of sex – toe sucking, fucking, foot jobs, and more – in different positions; and they incorporate shoes too. Chloe describes creative techniques and comments on such things as ejaculation and clean up.


The Many Moods of Bondage: Meeting Expectations – Rough by Murphy Blue

In this extended and very hot video, Murphy Blue and Deanna explain how to use the “mapping” techniques from previous clips to create a rough-play scene. As they move together, Murphy explains how his choices affect the tenor of the whole scene, and at the end Deanna gives her own feedback on just how much she enjoyed the whole process.


Mummification: Removing Wrapping by Eve Minax

Eve Minax finishes off her series on mummification play with the combination of unwrapping and aftercare necessary for this kind of restricting wrapping. She not only shows how the tape and wrap can be safely cut off, but also describes the ways the bottom can be helped to come back into the light and freedom of movement.


Domestic Discipline: Hairbrush Administration by Mistress Simone

Miss Simone takes you on the first part of the finer points of discipline of the hairbrush. She covers warm up, talks about the psychological aspects, and then begins the scene with some well-placed strokes. Tune in for part 2 with more types of brush!


Experiencing Puppy Play by Minx Grrl

In this clip we learn what it’s like to actually experience puppy play according to Minx Grrl. She talks about the headspace and relationship that it creates with her partner and the world around her, as well as why she enjoys this form of role play.

Flogging Techniques: For Petite Dominants by Sarah Sloane

In this fantastic clip Sarah Sloane will help petite Tops or Dominants (regardless of gender) learn some helpful tips for purchasing a flogger that is appropriate for your body type. Get the correct flogger and you won’t have to work so hard to give the flogging you desire!


Brat Play: An Introduction by Barak & Brat Sheba

Barak & Brat Sheba introduce brat play during this three-minute video. They discuss and demonstrate some of the core elements of brat play (e.g., humor, banter, etc.) and also note what brat play is not. Stay tuned for much more on brat play in their upcoming clips.

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