New Content Submission Guidelines

We are looking for kink, sex and gender educators to present a wide variety of workshop topics on video for an online educational website. We have two main goals with this website:

  1. to get quality information on sexuality to individuals and couples who don’t typically attend kink events (as well as those within the kink community who don’t get to all the classes they want to);
  2. to provide a more centralized resource for sexuality educators both to get paid for their knowledge/experience as well as to have another broader platform to promote themselves and be promoted!

What We’re Looking For

Please remember that this is not a porn site. It is not priced as porn, nor shot as porn. It is education and while we love to titillate and show hands-on demonstrations of sex activities, the main focus of the content is straightforward and instructional.

You are welcome to do a series of clips on one related topic, or a variety of topics. Each clip should be 4-7 minutes in length, and we prefer for each topic to be as demonstrative as possible. If a clip is more ‘talking head’ style, we prefer to keep them on the shorter side – we’ve found that people don’t get as much from the simple talking as they do from seeing things demonstrated along with the verbal explanation.


Please consider being on video carefully. If you are engaged in any legal affairs (including custody battles or career concerns) please make sure that you have considered everything necessary before agreeing to do a video shoot. Once we shoot we are unable to “pull” videos from the website.

Though the site is mostly membership based, thumbnails can be seen by everyone visiting the site. So if you have ANY concerns about staying completely anonymous then please consider being on video very carefully.

How This Helps You, the Presenter

Aside from the immediate return of cash in your pocket, it is a wonderful opportunity to promote your brand to individuals and organizations that will benefit from your knowledge. This has led to presenters being invited to give live workshops, classes, and presentations.

A main component of our philosophy is support of our educators, so each one is given a profile page on the website to promote your personal projects, and you are encouraged to plug your website/products/services during the clips.

It can also serve as a professional biography page (with sample video clips!) that you can use to market yourself for other event presentations and classes. You are free to provide links to any of your websites as well. By offering just a portion of your class, you can entice members to attend your workshops at events or other locations; and a broader base of the community can begin to identify your style and knowledge level. As your repertoire builds, you can return to Kink Academy to add to your curriculum which in turn only promotes you even more!

Payment Structure

Payment is $25 per hour for ‘talking head’ content, $50 per hour of demonstrative (based on “hours of footage”, not “duration of shoot”).

We also have an affiliate program which has 50% recurring payment on all memberships signed up through your links. That means you earn 50% on every person for as long as they are members – and we encourage all educators to join!

If you use a demo bottom we will pay that person separately, $15 per hour of content.

What About My Intellectual Property?

We own the rights to the tapes that are shot, or the clips and files that you send to us which we pay you for. We do not own the content – the ideas, lesson plans, outlines, etc – so you are of course welcome to shoot the same stuff for yourself or others. We own the clip that you shot for us – we’ll use it for the Kink Academy site (and any future Erotication-related sites) but you’re free to shoot more content for yourself or even for other organizations.

Best of all though, Kink Academy has an affiliate program that pays out 50% of any subscriptions that come through your affiliate link – as high as any site out there. We’re kind of hoping that motivates you to simply shoot more content for us, rather than others, but the decision is up to you.

It is very important that your content is your own. Obviously we are not interested in a copy of someone else’s class, books, articles, etc. because that would disrespect them and run the risk of copyright violations.

Similarly, while we’re fine with first-time video educators, we are not necessarily looking for first-time educators. Please take the time to develop your content into well-designed and coherent educational messages before committing them to the camera.

The Kinds of Topics We’d Like to See

Certain topics will be restricted (edge play & advanced techniques) but other topics are open to anyone

  • Advanced – negotiation, spanking, caning, flogging, genital torment, trampling
  • Beginner – punching, single tail, genital torment
  • Any level – consent, electricity, candle wax, gags, enema’s
  • Bondage – mummification, elaborate rope, sensory deprivation, predicaments, cuffs (metal & leather)
  • Other – uniforms, crossdressing, foot fetish, trampling, balloon fetish, forced feminization, giantess, furries, boot blacking
  • Sex Acts – masturbation techniques, oral sex, group sex, anal sex, chastity, orgasm control, tantra
  • Dominance/Submission – submissive perspective, protocol, long distance
  • Psychological play – embarrassment play, objectification, mind fuck, hypnosis, sensory manipulation, interrogation
  • Relationships – cuckolding, swinging, full time D/s, polyamory, monogamy
  • Kink and disability

This is just a start, if you have an idea for a topic or a specialty you don’t see here, please contact us directly to discuss it!

Now It’s Up to You!

We are especially looking for members of marginalized communities such as women and nonbinary and trans folks, people of color and the differently-abled. One of the reasons Kink Academy works as a resource is because it is accessible to anyone with high-speed internet – but that also means it’s important for everyone to see representation of the beautiful diversity of kink. Whoever you are, if you have experience with the “kinky topics we’d like to see” (as listed above), we’d like to see you teach.

What do we mean by experience? We’re looking for a level of expertise and experience with the subject, and also experience with techniques of teaching it. These are two different things, and it’s important that you have a solid grasp of how to present yourself and your topic before you get into shooting. We’re not looking for “I just found out about this, come along on my journey of exploration!” There’s nothing wrong with those kinds of blog-videos, that’s just not what we’re looking for.

If you have a clear message and have presented in front of audiences to the point where you are fairly comfortable, we would love to see what you’ve got.

Before you go recording hours of video, though, we need for you to send us a “Screen Test” – at least fifteen minutes of video with you talking about your subject, following the guidelines set above. Edit it as best you can (using whatever tutorials come with your camera, phone video app, or computer) and contact us for a DropBox link where you can upload the video file.

Read this page completely for more tips on best shooting practices and guidelines on what kind of videos we’re looking for.

We’ll review the clip and if it’s in accordance with our site’s intent, we’ll send you any notes or suggestions we have. We also may ask for some other references or reviews of your teaching, especially if it will help us advertise your clips on our site. After that there’s just some paperwork so that we can get you paid, and you’re all set to help improve kink education all over the world through the Kink Academy.