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Embracing Your Sensuality When You’re Over 40 by Lady Cheeky

Lady Cheeky describes how your awareness of your body and its inherent sensuality can change when you reach your forties. She explains a method that worked for her to rediscover her changing body and lead to pleasures she’d never imagined possible. This is an introduction to follow-up clips that will show the methods Lady Cheeky has developed.


Going to a Sex Class by Stefanos & Shay

While the videos here at PassionateU are wonderful, sometimes you want to be able to raise your hand and talk back to the teacher. Shay and Stefanos are here to let you know that you can do just that if you find your local sex toy shoppe – places like Good Vibrations in San Francisco or A Woman’s Touch in Madison, WI. You can find classes on everything from Making Out to beginning bondage that take all the fear out of it and put in even more fun.


Erectile Dysfunction Treatments by Dr. Derek Andelloux

Derek Andelloux continues to address the issues facing patients with erectile dysfunction in this eight-minute clip on various treatments. While it is always possible that the condition can be psychological, there are three methods of treatment that are usually taken, in order of severity. He explains the processes and risks involved, and discusses many of the reasons patients might choose one treatment over another, as well as their relative effectiveness. While Dr. Andelloux is a physician, he urges you to consult your own doctor if you think you may benefit from one of these treatments.


Telling a Partner About a Chronic Sexual Condition by Dr. Heather Howard

Dr. Heather Howard helps take some of the fear out of communicating with a partner about a chronic sexual condition. She demystifies the simple fact of life: everyone has health issues at some point and, like most relationship issues, clear and honest communication is key.


November Featured Educator – Charlie Glickman

Do Straight Guys Like Anal Sex? – Free

Charlie Glickman addresses a common question he gets when educating about prostate pleasure: “Does enjoying anal penetration make me gay?” He explains the difference between how you like to have sex and who you like to have it with, and how your sexual pleasure has nothing to do with orientations like gay, straight, or anything else.


How to Find Your Partner’s Prostate

Dr. Charlie Glickman provides a road map of how to locate the pleasure center of your man’s prostate. He explains how the gland can change depending on the state of arousal, plus what kinds of signals both you and he can feel to let you know you’re on the right track to mind-blowing prostate massage.


How Pegging Will Improve Your Sex Life

In this clip, Dr. Charlie Glickman explains that the pleasures of using a strap-on dildo for prostate play has more benefits than simply pleasure. He has found that men and women tend to get a new appreciation and greater empathy for the other side of penetrative sex and this can lead to many more ways of enjoying sexual play together.



The 69 Position: Body Mechanics, Part 1 – Initiating by Graydancer

Graydancer and Naiia get back into the 69 groove by talking about how to avoid awkward “knee-to-the-head” moments and make your mutual oral satisfaction more graceful. They also demonstrate how communication and spontaneity can be part of the experience.


Giving Your Guy a Handjob by Dylan Ryan & Mickey Mod

Dylan Ryan lends a hand to Mickey Mod to illustrate the fine art of the handjob. She goes over various techniques for stimulating the cock from start to finish, as well as talking about the other areas that can be part of this intimate act. Mickey gives feedback as well, giving you both sides of this kind of sexy fun.


Spanking: Rhythm & Counting by Scotty

Scotty and Annie show how the simple inclusion of counting can up the intensity of a basic spanking scene. It increases focus for both the spanker and the spankee and provides a framework where you can play with things like intensity, tempo, and role-playing scenarios. Annie enthusiastically demonstrates her counting skills as Scotty turns her ass pleasantly pink in this excellent addition to the sensual domination series.


Exploring Touch: Skin by Lady Cheeky

Lady Cheeky, with the help of Kelly Shibari, talks about exploring your own body surfaces to discover what kinds of sensations you like. She recommends several oils, lubes, as well as sex toys of various kinds to really get into a variety of pleasurable feelings. This practice can help you communicate with your partner later and give you a head start on amazing touch.


Non – Explicit

Easing Stress Together: Four Steps to More Sex by Dr. Ruthie

Dr. Ruthie lays out four concrete steps towards getting past the stress and into the sex with this clip. She talks about communicating and acknowledging both the good and the hard parts of your sex lives, as well as the importance of individual identities while being part of a sexual team. This is the wrap up for the excellent series on letting go of stress in a relationship.


What You Need to Know About Sex Toys & Batteries by Kim Airs

Kim Airs continues to explain the secret world of Sex Toys and Batteries in this clip. There are a lot of different configurations of battery position (kind of like sex) and for some toys it matters how you stick it in – the battery, that is!


Sex Labs: Exploring for Fun by Jaiya

Jaiya recommends you SLAB – that is, have a Sex Lab – at least once a week. It’s a time to explore and experiment with different aspects of your sexuality. She recommends videos, books, or just your imagination – but explains that it’s different than “making love” time. Jaiya lays out how to add this kind of learning to your sex life and challenges you to take the steps to increase your personal knowledge of pleasure.


Conscious Touch: Bringing It All Together by Will Fredricks

Now that he’s explained the various principles and practices behind conscious touch, Will uses this clip to give a clear example of how to take it into your own bedroom through Betty Martin’s “Three-Minute Game.” Each partner gets three minutes of the kind of touch and attention they want, and also gets practice communicating that desire. Try it out yourself!

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