Shake off the winter & spring into Kink Academy!

Over the last 31/2 years, Kink Academy has continued to expand into your one-stop resource for kinky online sex-ed.  Over 1,000 videos from incredible kink educators!  Cool features like webinars, playlists, track-your-learning tools, and more! .

24/7 access to hot topics like Dominance and Submission, Bondage, Foot Fetish, Sissification, Aftercare, Communication, Gender, Relationships, Spanking, Electrical Play, Ponies, Tease and Denial, Flirting, Flogging, and so much more!  There are videos geared for kink newcomers and videos for more advanced kinksters.  Every week, 5 new videos are added to the site!

Let Kink Academy inspire you, add to your continuing kink education, and encourage you to explore new tricks and topics.  Hot kinky learning = more hot kinky sex!

Why Join?

+ If you can’t afford high priced events, is the best way to learn about new kinks and new techniques.

+ Even if you DO attend kink events, Kink Academy is an excellent supplement, since you probably spend most of your time playing rather than going to classes!

+ You might not have access to live classes near-by, or be uninterested in going to live events.

+ With the push of a button you have access to the advice of over 115 educators, therapists, doctors & sex coaches in the privacy of your own home.

+ Create a personalized experience using our special features like ‘Playlists’ and ‘Track Your Learning’

+ Since the videos are between 5-10 minutes long you can watch them whenever it’s convenient for you.

+ Make requests and watch the site grow with YOUR input & interests.

On March 27th, the increasing value of the site will be reflected in a new membership price. Sign up NOW and take advantage of our current prices!

Gain 24/7 access to our ever expanding library at these rates while you still can:

30 days of Kink Academy – $14.95 (recurring month membership)
90 days of Kink Academy – $29.95 (membership recurring every 3 months)
1 year of Kink Academy – $100.00 (less than 30 cents a day!!!) membership prices will be going up on the same day, so if you’re interested in more ‘traditional’ sex you can check it out here. All the membership rates are currently the same as Kink Academy until March 27th.

You can also get a one year membership to AND here!

And since I have had some requests, I’ve included a “Lifetime Membership” option, for single sites or for both. Click here for more info.