Show me yours & I’ll show you mine….

There are a number of skills I’m looking for to help spread the word about the erotication websites (with a focus on Kink Academy & Passionate U) so if you’re looking to save some dollars and spend some creative time, there are some options to barter for memberships.

By supporting erotication not just with your money but with your skills, you also help us grow & get stronger!

Unless it’s specified, we’d negotiate about how much time spent on the project in exchange for how long a membership (month, multiple month, year, multiple year)

What I’m looking for right now:

(this is updated frequently)

Graphic Design 

Infographics – I have a lot of different infographics that can be made, they’re just for fun really, sharing what I’ve learned about peoples kinky interests from the surveys I do, I have one main large survey (almost 300 people) that has a lot of different things that could be focused on for individual infographics: popularity of topics, do people think porn is educational, sex on social media, that sort of thing 🙂

Banners – I’d like to provide affiliates with fresh banners on a regular basis, plus there’s always some special project going on that needs promotion!

Audio –

    MP4 – Podcasts have requested an ‘audio bump’ to use as a commercial but I don’t have anything to give them!

Podcast – I’d like to start a podcast for educators that can’t show their faces! But I personally don’t have the technical savvy (I surround myself with people that are good at things I’m not good at!) so I need help with the following elements: setting it up, editing it & posting it on an ongoing basis, any special promotional avenues)


Quick & Dirty Promo Videos – these short (1-4 minute) fun/clever/sexy videos are to capture attention & highlight the erotication brand & services. Check out a few we’ve done before (link coming soon)

Educational Shoots – I’m not a trained videographer but I do my best. I’ve worked with some great video people in the past but now I pretty much do it all myself. If you’re in a city I’m shooting in & can help out with an afternoon shoot, you can earn a one year membership to both Kink Academy & Passionate U.


  1. Hey. Im just in the process of setting up my own podcasts. One i was going to do involved kink. I was thinking of a series. I have an extensive background in audio as a producer/engineer/programmer/performer and have just started in film. Perhaps we can work something out and work together. But where are you in the world ?

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