Site Redesign … Downtime…

I’m subjecting to a long overdue site redesign at the end of this week. (Don’t worry, it’s consensual.) The new site will be better organized, less cluttered, easier for you to get to the stuff you came here to see and will be… well… prettier. 🙂

Not only will this be a serious front-end overhaul, it will include upgrading some of the less pretty back-end stuff** so I am going to need to take the site down for a day. I will be starting the upgrade late Friday (12/17) evening and it will continue into Saturday (12/18). There is a lot to get done, but I will do my best to minimize this down time.

When the site comes back up on Saturday evening you will have a sexy new Kink Academy just in time for your weekend fun! 😉

If you have questions, concerns (or want a sneak peak) email me.

As always, thank you so much for your patience.
-Nyxx, WebMistress

**Actually, brand spanking new streaming media servers are drop dead gorgeous, if you ask me…. but I’m a technophile.