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Are you passionate about kink and sexuality education?

Do you have an enthusiasm or a unique viewpoint on your kink that you want to share with the community?

Join the team of amazing educators already hosted on Kink Academy by contributing an article (or articles) for us!

We are looking for experienced kinksters and writers to add to our educational offerings by writing for our blog. We are seeking writings that are inclusive, sex and body positive, and consent-driven.

Article subjects should correspond to topics available on Kink Academy and include at least 3 links to prior videos or blog posts. We are looking for an educational tone, not erotica or journal entries (Though if you can make the article sexy AND informative, we’re all for it!).

The article should be at least 600 words, ready to publish (minimal to no editing needed), new content (not previously published) and we will need a 2-3 sentence biography from you along with a link back to your website.

Check out previous articles on our blog to see the tone and style we’re looking for!

In exchange for each article accepted, you will receive $35 and a one month membership to If interested, please complete the form below or contact us at with any questions.

Some example topics/titles might be:

  • ABDL Wtf?: Explaining Adult Baby/Diaper Love
  • Aftercare, Beyond Snuggles and Blankets
  • Anal Play – Lube and Plugs and Beads, Oh My!
  • Negotiating for Bondage
  • Navigating Body Dysmorphia in Play
  • How-To Create Your Own Cane
  • Anatomy Lessons for Fingering and Fisting
  • Consent and Hypnosis
  • Vulnerability and Intimacy from the Dominant Side
  • Loving Your Latex: Cleaning and Care
  • Crafting Practical Protocols
  • Risk-Awareness for Rough Body Play
  • Safer Sex 101
  • Primal Play – Connecting with your Inner Beast
  • Top 10 Pervertibles!
  • Consent in the Swing Scene
  • Sexy Service Sessions
  • Prepping for Your First Kinky Camping Event!

Submissions are open on an on-going basis, we’ll be publishing at least two articles a month.


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Has it been awhile since you’ve checked Kink Academy Out?

Because there’s a lot that’s been improved during our redesign:

  • Faster speeds: We’ve moved to new state-of-the-art servers so everything loads and plays more smoothly.
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  • We’ve added 40 new clips to the free page! There’s now more than 200 videos for free!
  • Best of all, we’ve added 550 of our most popular PassionateU videos to

That’s right. Five-Hundred and Fifty.

We’ve added 550 new videos to the mix, including ones like “Sex Like a Porn Star” and Graydancer and Naiia’s “Receiving Blowjobs Gracefully” series (which you won’t find anywhere else). Plus 15 new-to-Kink Academy experts such as

  • Dr. Jenn
  • Ashley Manta
  • Ducky Doolittle
  • Andre Shakti
  • Kim Airs, 
  • Jacq Jones
  • Ducky Doolittle
  • Rain DeGrey
  • Patti Britton
  • Bettie Rage 

..and more. has always had a focus on sex, but for a lot of people that overlaps quite nicely into kink. There are fifteen brand new educators on Kink Academy now, talking about how you can have better sex and better kink. It’s available 24/7, on computers, tablets, and mobile apps.

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3 Ways to Use Kink Academy for Hotter Play

front-kaOK, we’ve gone over the many reasons Kink Academy is one of the best places on the web to learn about hot BDSM and sex with explicit video created by world-class instructors. That’s a given, and if the previous newsletters, blogs, and the site itself doesn’t convince you of that, nothing will.

But we believe it’s more than just an information site. We’ve come up with at least three ways you can use Kink Academy to “hack” your kink – that is, improve that thing you already love to do. All three of them are things that we’ve done ourselves, so we know they work.

1. Kink Academy is Your Wingman. Picture it: you have a hot date planned with That Special Someone that you’ve been lusting after forever. You know they like rope, you know they like caning, and you know they like wax – but it’s been a while since you’ve held an English cane, and you’ve never combined rope and wax before. No worries! As those links prove, Kink Academy has your back – with clear demonstrations of techniques, advice on what to do if something goes wrong, and more. You can brush up on that complicated harness or practice your dirty talk before the date and make it even more likely to impress your playmate.

2. Choose Your Own KinkVenture. Big kink conferences like to brag about the many presenters and classes they offer – and there are some really great ones. Most of them, in fact, put you into a predicament: so many good classes, so little time. The thing is, Kink Academy has many of those “big name” presenters on the site. This gives you the chance to “preview” the presenter – sometimes even the same class they’re giving at the con – and see if you like their style. It can also help you prepare for classes by giving you background material – for example, Topologist used some of his Kink Academy videos to pre-qualify people for one of his advanced classes at the recent ROPECRAFT event.

  • This is a good place to note: Kink Academy was created by Princess Kali and several other educators who also present at conferences. We’re not saying that the videos are a replacement for going to those classes. Rather, we think of it as a supplement, a different form of kink education. You can’t get an immediate answer to a question from a video – but on the other hand, it’s not that easy to have Lee Harrington in your living room, either.

3. Deeper Kink Understanding. Another dilemma at conferences is the limitations of time – most classes can last at most two hours, and usually they’re shorter. As any presenter will tell you, that’s usually just enough time to begin to cover a subject. But with a Kink Academy membership you can continue the learning and exploration after the convention. You can see keynote speeches, delve into academic presentations on the Therapeutic Benefits of Subspace, or just pick up some extra exercises to make your next oral sex that much hotter. In a lot of ways Kink Academy provides you with the “DVD Extras” to your BDSM experience, regardless of your level of experience.

Plus there is one killer feature that you can only find online: the ability to pause, rewind, and play your favorite presenters again and again! With hundreds of videos on dozens of topics and the most diverse cast of instructors anywhere, we’re pretty proud of the site, and we’re confident it can enrich your kink life in all of these ways. As you can see below, we’re also always working on ways to improve the site experience making it even easier to get the content to you.

But there’s certainly some things we’ve left out – how has Kink Academy helped you get your perv on? Let us know!