Erotication is a revolutionary juggernaut of information on human sexuality.

Erotication hosts several media-based websites dedicated to honest and comprehensive presentations on sex and intimacy for consenting adults. A revolution of sex-eduction in the online era and rooted firmly in the sex-positive movement, Erotication offers unparalleled resources that are smart, accessible, and sexy.

Erotication’s current publications include:

Video Based Membership Sites

Kink Academy: A library of sex-ed videos for adventurous adults interested in BDSM, erotic power play, polyamory, gender identity, and countless other sexuality topics.

Passionate U: A comprehensive video resource for adults interested in learning more about intimacy, sexual technique, communication, spicing up romance, and more.

Free Community Sites

Sex Book Of The Month: Book reviews & recommendations for erotica, how-to and academic books (coming soon!)

Fearless Press: A free online literary site dedicated to the intersection of sex and the rest of life.

Be A Sex Educator: A free, crowd-sourced community resource for current as well as up & coming sex educator and other sexuality professionals & enthusiasts.

Check out our media page to see interviews, site reviews & more!