Kink Academy Classrooms – An exciting new announcement!

Kink Academy has always been a pioneer of online sex ed for adults. When we launched the website in 2009 there was nothing else like it, no resource where you could find your favorite kink experts all in one place to watch whenever and wherever you needed to. Video cameras in phones weren’t as common or high quality. We invested a great deal flying around the country to ensure could promote a diversity of perspectives and experiences. We’ve always had a commitment to high-quality information delivered by well-respected experts.

Now we’re looking to take online sex education to the next level.

I’m delighted to announce Kink Academy Classrooms, a new project in the works to put the platform directly in the hands of our favorite sex experts, therapists, and BDSM educators.

We’re in the first stages of building the new platform so we’re looking for beta testers for the initial round of classrooms and feedback from our customers and community to build the best resource possible.

Interested in Kink Academy Classrooms but not an educator? Please take our customer feedback survey here!

Who are we looking for?

  • We’ll be starting with well-established educators and experts. Quality of information has always been a top priority of Kink Academy, so we want to make sure that knowledgeable educators are available in the first round of new classrooms. If you’re a long-time educator and have always wanted to be part of Kink Academy please fill out this form.
  • If you’re a Kink Academy or PassionateU educator you are already on the approved list but it’s still helpful to know you’re interested, so please fill out the form and include any updated information.
  • We’ll be opening up to folks who are starting or in early stages of their career at some point after we launch the platform, so please still fill out the form if you’re new to the industry but are interested in having your own channel.

How does it work?

  • Each educator will have their own “online classroom” where they can upload pre-recorded videos, create quizzes, post PDF handouts, and interact with students (plus potentially offer live webinars). Each educator is responsible for creating, posting & updating all of their own content.
  • We’re still figuring out the payment system and how subscriptions will work — currently we’re looking at sites like Udemy, Patreon and other shared-profit models for inspiration. Kink Academy will take a portion of membership fees, with the most substantial portion going to the educator. Payments will be direct deposit based on a minimum payout.
  • Kink Academy handles all the payment processing and tech support, so you can focus on creating and sharing excellent content as well as supporting your students.
  • You’ll be able to co-brand your classroom, so that it’s a consistent part of your online presence. By being a part of the Kink Academy Classroom platform, you’ll be able to share your unique message with a much broader audience by combining our marketing and brand power with your own.

What do we need from you?

  • If you’re interested in having your own Kink Academy Classroom, please fill out this form so we have your information.
  • If you have ever filled out the Kink Academy educator form, I have your information and you’ll be emailed when we announce Kink Academy Classrooms, but feel free to fill it out again if you’re not sure I received your previous form or if you have new experience/topics to share.
  • If you’re chosen as a beta tester you’ll need to make a commitment to create a minimum amount of content (still to be determined) by a specific deadline and to heavily promote to your own community and fanbase in order to thoroughly test the system.
  • Get excited! Are you thrilled by the potential for Kink Academy Classrooms? We certainly are! As part of the planning process we’re looking for feedback, so please feel free to include your thoughts in the “Additional Information” section of the survey or email me directly (kali @ Include any questions about how the platform will work, features you hope will be included, or ideas you have about making this the best possible option for you, other educators and those seeking quality adult sex education.
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