ISO San Francisco Educators to demo sexual techniques for

Now that I’m in California (near the Bay Area) I am VERY much in need of sexual demonstrations for

It’s not porn and it doesn’t pay like porn, but it does pay and there’s a great affiliate program. And you will be part of a revolutionary new form of sex education.

I need educators that are actual educators (you don’t have to be “professional” just experienced in explaining what you’re doing and how things work) OR if you are an experienced educator and you have two people willing to do the sexual demonstration that works really well too. is a MAINSTREAM site, so I’m not looking for anything really kinky (right now) and I’m not looking for the ‘talking head’ style’. I need actual demonstrations with a focus on heterosexual interactions (I keep the fabulous wider spectrum of relationships & gender expressions for Kink Academy)

These are the kind of topics I’m looking for, but am open to other topics as well:

  • Playing with Uncircumcised Cocks
    Body Image
  • How to Get Sex Going
    Anal sex (man on woman)
    Sexual Positions
    General Sexual Techniques
    Oral Sex
    Dirty Talk
    Wearing/Putting On/Taking Off Sexy Clothing
    Stripping for your partner
    How to do a boudoir shoot
    Bedroom Role-Playing
    Sensual Sensation Play (soft and sexy)
  • Masturbation (mutual & solo)

I’m looking to shoot as soon as possible.

The shoots are typically 3 hours but shorter/longer can be arranged. Payment is based on amount of footage shot, not length of shoot, but I do everything in advance so you can walk in and start teaching, so if you’re prepared we can get a lot of clips.

Right now I’m only available in the Bay Area, but I will be in LA June 15 – 20 so can schedule for then too.

If you’re interested please email me at