Encouragement and kind words

We receive some pretty awesome encouragement from our members and those who first discover our sites. Word-of-mouth promotion is REALLY appreciated for our growing resource because memberships are a key component to keeping them going. Thanks ‘WryGuy’ for your enthusiasm and letting us share your words here!

“You’re a brilliant and necessary resource.

I do try to plug you in any conversation I can. Unfortunately, the price stops a lot of people in their tracks. It shouldn’t, because your prices are very good for what you get… but a lot of people don’t recognize the value. ($8-$15 a month? That’s nothing. You can’t get a good toy or go to a single conference for a year’s worth of KA.)

I think you’re doing the right thing already: have good educational content for pay, give freebies to draw people in whenever you can. I really hope your subscriber base keeps growing. 🙂

So, keep doing what you’re doing! You’re helping the whole industry. :-)”