3 Ways to Use Kink Academy for Hotter Play

front-kaOK, we’ve gone over the many reasons Kink Academy is one of the best places on the web to learn about hot BDSM and sex with explicit video created by world-class instructors. That’s a given, and if the previous newsletters, blogs, and the site itself doesn’t convince you of that, nothing will.

But we believe it’s more than just an information site. We’ve come up with at least three ways you can use Kink Academy to “hack” your kink – that is, improve that thing you already love to do. All three of them are things that we’ve done ourselves, so we know they work.

1. Kink Academy is Your Wingman. Picture it: you have a hot date planned with That Special Someone that you’ve been lusting after forever. You know they like rope, you know they like caning, and you know they like wax – but it’s been a while since you’ve held an English cane, and you’ve never combined rope and wax before. No worries! As those links prove, Kink Academy has your back – with clear demonstrations of techniques, advice on what to do if something goes wrong, and more. You can brush up on that complicated harness or practice your dirty talk before the date and make it even more likely to impress your playmate.

2. Choose Your Own KinkVenture. Big kink conferences like to brag about the many presenters and classes they offer – and there are some really great ones. Most of them, in fact, put you into a predicament: so many good classes, so little time. The thing is, Kink Academy has many of those “big name” presenters on the site. This gives you the chance to “preview” the presenter – sometimes even the same class they’re giving at the con – and see if you like their style. It can also help you prepare for classes by giving you background material – for example, Topologist used some of his Kink Academy videos to pre-qualify people for one of his advanced classes at the recent ROPECRAFT event.

  • This is a good place to note: Kink Academy was created by Princess Kali and several other educators who also present at conferences. We’re not saying that the videos are a replacement for going to those classes. Rather, we think of it as a supplement, a different form of kink education. You can’t get an immediate answer to a question from a video – but on the other hand, it’s not that easy to have Lee Harrington in your living room, either.

3. Deeper Kink Understanding. Another dilemma at conferences is the limitations of time – most classes can last at most two hours, and usually they’re shorter. As any presenter will tell you, that’s usually just enough time to begin to cover a subject. But with a Kink Academy membership you can continue the learning and exploration after the convention. You can see keynote speeches, delve into academic presentations on the Therapeutic Benefits of Subspace, or just pick up some extra exercises to make your next oral sex that much hotter. In a lot of ways Kink Academy provides you with the “DVD Extras” to your BDSM experience, regardless of your level of experience.

Plus there is one killer feature that you can only find online: the ability to pause, rewind, and play your favorite presenters again and again! With hundreds of videos on dozens of topics and the most diverse cast of instructors anywhere, we’re pretty proud of the site, and we’re confident it can enrich your kink life in all of these ways. As you can see below, we’re also always working on ways to improve the site experience making it even easier to get the content to you.

But there’s certainly some things we’ve left out – how has Kink Academy helped you get your perv on? Let us know!

Happy 8th Birthday Kink Academy!

Remember 2008?

It’s ok if you don’t. There was a lot going on. That’s the year of Barack Obama, of Sarah Palin. Twitter was only two years old and many critics were still wondering if it would amount to anything. “Cyber-security” and “E-business” were just afterthoughts for college curriculum’s. Cell phones hadn’t gotten 3G yet, but that’s ok because the whole industry was just starting to be overwhelmed by this crazy “iPhone” thing.

Nobody had heard of Fifty Shades of anything.

And a young entrepreneur named Princess Kali launched a dream that had driven her since 2005: KinkAcademy.com launched.

It was a revolutionary and even controversial idea. The BDSM community had a long tradition of both secrecy and in-person education; there could be severe consequences if someone were “outed”, and safety in a lot of disciplines (such as rope bondage) was not well understood, much less followed.

But Kali had been kinky most of her life, and was a well-respected presenter in her own right. She was frustrated with the fact that the few really great teachers out there could only reach the relatively small classes at kink conferences. What about the people who couldn’t risk exposure? What about the people who couldn’t afford travel, hotel, or the cost of a convention? Why shouldn’t they have access to this kind of knowledge – not just for the sake of safety, but just so they could fuck better?

When Kink Academy first launched it had videos from the top presenters in the field – including Jay Wiseman, who literally wrote the seminal book on erotic bondage. In the following eight year to come the roster of the Kink Academy “faculty” began to look like a “who’s who” of the Kinkerati, with people like:

When I presented for them, I liked the concept so much I asked to become part of the team. Princess Kali led her crew to film the best presenters in their homes, at conventions, even on the beach at Kink in the Caribbean. The way she shot video was edgy – explicit instruction, nothing held back, but designed to educate, not titillate. This wasn’t porn, it was information – but provided by actual kinksters, not actors. This meant that the Kink Academy members saw people like them doing the things they really enjoyed, talking about the real issues of relationships, consent, safer sex,  dominance and submission and cigar play and leather and…the list is as long as it is sexy. It’s hot not because it is pornographic; it’s hot because it is real.

Princess Kali and her team have created what is still the largest curriculum of kink and sex education online. She did something else that was, at the time, revolutionary in the kink community: she paid the presenters. She paid her crew. She took the entrepreneurial ethos that helped the U.S. climb out of the Great Recession (another thing that happened in 2008) and she did it by lifting up the people and the quality of education around her.

Eight years in, Kink Academy is still going strong. Along the way sister sites like PassionateU.com (explicit adult sex-ed) and FearlessPress.com (essays and articles on sexuality) were launched with their own unique flavors. But Kink Academy was the start of it all, and we’re celebrating our eight-year anniversary with a special offer:

For the month of September you can get three months of full access
to all Kink Academy content, 24/7, on any laptop or mobile device,
for only $49.95.

The goal of Kink Academy is to make quality BDSM content accessible, and that includes the prices – in fact, many videos are free. A month of Kink Academy is only $24.99, unless you choose the “recurring” subscription of $19.99. This three-month offer makes it even easier to level up your own personal kink skills with the hundreds of videos available. Best of all you can go back to it again and again to refresh your knowledge from the privacy of – well, wherever you want to be. It also makes an awesome kinky gift!

Happy Birthday, Kink Academy!

Graydancer, writing from the Bondage Capital of the World, Madison, WI.

Show me yours & I’ll show you mine….

There are a number of skills I’m looking for to help spread the word about the erotication websites (with a focus on Kink Academy & Passionate U) so if you’re looking to save some dollars and spend some creative time, there are some options to barter for memberships.

By supporting erotication not just with your money but with your skills, you also help us grow & get stronger!

Unless it’s specified, we’d negotiate about how much time spent on the project in exchange for how long a membership (month, multiple month, year, multiple year)

What I’m looking for right now:

(this is updated frequently)

Graphic Design 

Infographics – I have a lot of different infographics that can be made, they’re just for fun really, sharing what I’ve learned about peoples kinky interests from the surveys I do, I have one main large survey (almost 300 people) that has a lot of different things that could be focused on for individual infographics: popularity of topics, do people think porn is educational, sex on social media, that sort of thing 🙂

Banners – I’d like to provide affiliates with fresh banners on a regular basis, plus there’s always some special project going on that needs promotion!

Audio –

    MP4 – Podcasts have requested an ‘audio bump’ to use as a commercial but I don’t have anything to give them!

Podcast – I’d like to start a podcast for educators that can’t show their faces! But I personally don’t have the technical savvy (I surround myself with people that are good at things I’m not good at!) so I need help with the following elements: setting it up, editing it & posting it on an ongoing basis, any special promotional avenues)


Quick & Dirty Promo Videos – these short (1-4 minute) fun/clever/sexy videos are to capture attention & highlight the erotication brand & services. Check out a few we’ve done before (link coming soon)

Educational Shoots – I’m not a trained videographer but I do my best. I’ve worked with some great video people in the past but now I pretty much do it all myself. If you’re in a city I’m shooting in & can help out with an afternoon shoot, you can earn a one year membership to both Kink Academy & Passionate U.